Kitchen Helpis products have also proven themselves in the household! Our household helpers are characterized by best quality and that certain something.

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Suitable for washbasin, shower & bathtub

Prevents blockages

Easy to clean

Attractive appearance

Extra heavy 0.5 oz or 0.6 oz

The highlight of our drain strainers: With a weight of 0.5 oz or 0.6 oz, they cannot be washed away, unlike light, conventional drain strainers.


The stainless steel of our sieves convinces with an attractive appearance and, in contrast to plastic, is durable and sustainable.


We have several versions on offer.

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Universal drain plug
Dimensions: ⌀ 1.6 in - Height adjustable between 2.6 and 3.7 in

11.8 in long hair chain included 
Different colours (white and black) available


The design of our drain plugs is kept simple and timeless and can be easily integrated into any bathroom concept. 
The plugs are available in black and white. In addition to the well-known individual sets, Kitchen Helpis also offers its customers a reasonably priced set of 2 plugs.


Universal bath plug

100 % tight

Dimensions: ⌀ 2.8 in - Height adjustable between 1 and 2.4 in

Universal and timeless design


The double rubber lip of the drain plug closes flush and reliably. This ensures that your bathtub is 100% sealed when required and you can enjoy your relaxing bath.

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Innovative household helper

Made from melamine resin

Cleans completely without chemicals

Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.6 x 1.2 in


With the dirt eraser, you can clean almost any surface. Dirt particles are simply loosened and erased by the sponge.

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Combination filter for standard cooker hoods up to 23.6 in

Activated carbon against bad odours

Fluff filter absorbs fat

Made in Germany

Flame resistant according to DIN 53438


With the Kitchen Helpis extractor hood filter, bad smells when cooking are a thing of the past!

The thick filter mat made of activated carbon filters odours out of the drawn-in air. It has a special structure, which is similar to a sponge. Odour particles (from the air) get stuck to the fine pores of the carbon and are thus filtered out of the air without residue. 

Therefore, our cooker hood combination filter (odour and grease filter) is not only suitable for exhaust air systems but also for recirculation systems!

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Reliable protection

Optimal household size: 15.7 in x 10.9 yd

Also suitable for the insulation of plants in frost

Made in Germany


The transparent bubble film from Kitchen Helpis is ideally suited for shipping and storing sensitive and fragile items. 

Glasses, porcelain, paintings and bottles can be very well protected from transport damage with the bubble wrap.

The insulating effect of the bubble wrap also prevents storage damage caused by temperature differences during longer storage.